Queen Of Hearts

Neon, the light that we were born from, flicker not forgotten, the heart it learns to live on, rise just like the sun.
Others fall, some may hide, defeat them all, take the crown and make it mine.
Off the wall, starry eyed, a vital call, the darker side.

There’s a love in my core, it take’s me higher
Electrified, we touch the sky, become alive.
Broken the chains, lost self restrain, we rise up, up up.
Neon, Neon lights shine.

Zion, the land that we a drawn to, a spirit we hold on to, a life that we aspire to, Neon lights shine through.

My heart it glows, and stars they steal the night. The sky explodes a spark that burns bright.
Neon lights they shine above me, a spark that burns bright